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A pencil with a clip; can be hung in the shirt pocket

Every designer may need a pencil, then, how can you not think over this meal buddy? No, Chinese designer Li Ting (Li, Ting) and others bring their thoughts, that is, Pencil with a clip (Elegant):
Creativity is very simple, is equivalent to the end of a pencil with a split, forming a structure of a clip like, just can be hung on the clothes pocket or notebook cover.
The designer said, their main efforts and the structure will probably take a pencil clip length of 1/5, because the pencil used when the last point, because of the inconvenience of grasping, this pencil is usually thrown away – but this is not the last 1/5 pencil pencil, how much is saved. In addition, the end of the pencil, because of the addition of such a structure, although it is round, but it will not roll, when placed on the table can be more stable.
Perhaps it is for these reasons, this elegant and useful pencil, won the judges’ affirmation, is the 2015 Red Dot Design Award (Reddot Award) award-winning works.

How long can the rice paper be best for its good paper quality?

How long can the rice paper be best for its good paper quality?
1, rice paper is 5 years after the “Chen paper”, so this storage time must be less than 5 years.
2, the raw material process improvement, raw materials in the natural environment, after 10 months (or even more) time to enter production, so this storage time is the shortest, should also be longer than 10 months.
3, the “paper by Chen Xuan”, after all is because “after repeated moisture absorption and drying process, preservation of the environment such as” wet change “, the coupling characteristics should be able to make new paper in a relatively short period of time reflects the Xuan paper.
4, once our own net skin Xuan paper, in 2007 by chance trial, excellent performance, the paper deposited about 14 months or so.
5, partial humidity environment than dry environment more conducive to rice paper “accelerating Chen””.
Generally, if the environment is not very dry, the rice paper will be stored for about a year, and then it can be removed to a great extent”. As to how long it can be best to keep it…” This is hard to say, because the “best” here is still a bad quantitative concept.
How to store rice paper?
What is the dryness of rice paper? Dryness is commonly called anger. Understand what is anger, and then understand why annealing, this is a fundamental and basic issues. If the problem is not clear, also “annealing, still belongs to the category of read without thorough understanding.
The so-called anger, is not soft, hard paper, ink strokes up, and feel very bad, not be able to enjoy the charm and the performance of ink painting and calligraphy charm effect.
There are many ways of annealing, such as putting it aside and exposing it to the air for a few months, or half a year. In fact, good ink out is good, how long are good, poor ten thousand years will not be good there; similarly good paper, both old and new, it is OK, just put in longer, better, some paper quality is not good, keep long is so unlike the original Yan paper the paper, cooked ingredients increase.
Further, the annealing of paper is not overnight, and must be natural for a few years. The kind of artificial way to make rapid ageing of paper, after mounting about ten next year, will be dark and pale; natural things back, the ink level will be more new, more of god.
Paper must be natural Chen, not processing, whenever the processing must hurt paper, paper a injury, then with good, long time, the paper can be a problem.
In addition, the method of hiding paper here also talk about. First of all, will own all need to hide the paper all together, wrapped in brown paper or waste newspaper, but the two do not wrap tightly, the purpose is to let the paper of natural ventilation; secondly, the paper put on the flow of air at the flat; finally every six months will open the paper, tile in the sunlight where the sun look slightly, the purpose is to collect it in addition to moisture, will break up the order of superposition, continue to repeat the original operation. I tried for ten years, when the effect of mid-range paper opened before the trial, the effect is very good. Personally, I think it’s three minutes to maturity. But should emphasize, Xuan paper not see wind, whenever wind was raging over the paper, white spots will appear gray ink on painting and calligraphy.

The history of automatic pencils

Some people may be familiar with the Japanese stationery brand familiar, casually say it will say one or two, but really understand how much? Today, let’s explain the automatic pencil for zebras.
Some people may be familiar with the Japanese stationery brand familiar, casually say it will say one or two, but really understand how much? Today, let’s explain the automatic pencil for zebras.
The earliest automatic pencil in the world appeared in 1565
But the one – way core structure similar to modern automatic pencils appeared in the United States in the 1913.
In the initial ad, known as “ever-ready sharp pencil”, the patent owner Yong Feng (Eversharp) English name, is also derived from this sentence advertising language. It’s the Eversharp, famous for producing “Skyline” pens”.
“Ever-sharp”: to provide constant width of sharp lines, metaphor was the biggest selling point automatic pencil: no pencil.
We see the most Yongfeng pen body are engraved with the word “WAHL”, the four letters of the world is a named Will (Wahl) the name of the person, he joined in 1915 Yongfeng, a year after the control a majority stake that is quite cock in today’s language Molina magpies the founder of the nest out of the board of directors.
Since then, Wahl Eversharp has become another name for the company. In most cases, “WAHL” is used for pens, and “Eversharp” is used more for automatic pencils.
Today we want to tell you that the “automatic pencil” can actually be broken down into a variety of forms: writing, painting and drawing.
Each pen has the use of each pen.
Long time writing short stroke text, holding a pen near the center of gravity as far as possible to reduce the burden of finger joints, due to cost constraints, generally use the conical pen point and the pen body plastic.
But in fact, this kind of pen is the biggest requirement of low key, resistance to fall, because the probability of being taken along is really great……
Send through AX-105 and PD-275, the building is one of the representatives of LUNA.
And painting, the majority of professional painters of the main pen will be more rich lines of ordinary pencil.
The automatic pencil is only a supplementary function. It is used for the processing of thin lines. The so-called “automatic pencil for tracing” only exists in the electronic process of some cartoons.
Painting pen the biggest demand is “grip” sketch, mobilize the whole arm, and not just the fingers, holding position and force of the diverse requirements, provide enough tolerance pencil pen position.
Sakura 125 is a common drawing pen in China. The front end design has plenty of rounded grip, plus six corners and a light pen used in the central pinch pen. It is a pencil with a fairly flexible use.

Incredible Magnetips magnetic pen

The Magnetips magnetic pen is made of love, color and desire to expand the working space. The pen and cap are made of magnet. The pen core belongs to a high quality fine wire core and can be used for coloring, designing, sketching or writing. A group of 20 colors caused by a magnet shell to alter its shape by attracting objects on other metal surfaces. Trust them not only as simple as pens!!

I’m not ordinary stationery. I’m writing glass

Today we introduce a special pen – glass pen. It doesn’t have the same ink as an ordinary pen and a ballpoint pen, but writes it like a brush in ink. Like the name of this pen, the whole is made of glass, and each pen is like a piece of art. Not only looks nice, writing is also very smooth, very comfortable grip.

The charm of glass pen is a combination of light and transparent jiapin.
Glass pen, also known as the Venice glass pen (VenezianischeGlasfeder), full glass dip pen. The pen was made with a lot of small groove style, using capillarity, the tip will suck it up a lot of ink when dipped in ink. Dip in ink once and write 300~400 words.
Before the invention of glass pen, pen using ink writing tool is mainly to birds at the tube made of metal tip dip pens and pen. Although the pen at the end of the nineteenth Century development of more mature, but in writing and carrying convenience, until early twentieth Century will gradually replace the dip pens.
Glass pen in the little-known reasons is mainly due to the fixed line, not suitable for writing have become the mainstream writing tool, glass pen does not appear before the invention has a pen, and later appeared in 1940s therefore, pens, pen glass on the market in the relatively short time, has not been widely circulated.
French J.Herbin
Founded in 1670, hand blown finish, the pen with a dense thread modeling, writing fluency. Its home ink is also very popular.
In the glass pen is not so popular in the era, Taobao glass pen is half of the French J.Herbin glass pen, in addition, J.Herbin ink is also very famous!
Italy Bortoletti
As mentioned earlier, the glass pen is still not popular, when half of France is J.Herbin, then the other half is Italy Bortoletti.
The glass pen of Bortoletti is full of thick European retro wind. It writes very smoothly. On the face of the exotic atmosphere, looking at the heart is happy, if not a deflated purse, how to enter a ah?!
Japanese glass workshop
It’s light enough to write without feeling tired. It can be written in a drop of ink. The studio glass paperweight and ink bottle of super fine dream.

MAX riding nail multifunction ruler

More creative hands also need a powerful and unconstrained style to achieve.
“MAX” horse riding nail multifunctional ruler is around the stapler. This tool has the binding, compasses, wavy lines, protractor, mirror and other powerful magnifying function, multiple combination design, suitable for daily use.
“MAX” horse riding nail multifunctional ruler is mainly used for binding double stapler, can be solved when binding documents, restrictions on the size and structure of the stapler, it is different from the flat nail sewing on the side or corner of the file, and will not be flat writing problems. Binding position nail riding in the back, both beautiful and not destroy the book cover. Can be completely flattened, more often used in journals, manuals and catalogues. Let’s take a look at the application of the MAX multifunction ruler.

The DIY booklet simply passes the ruler across the paper, marks the line to the fold, and chooses the binding position.
Preparation: to binding paper, MAX staple multifunctional ruler, the home of common staples.
Detailed steps for:
1., the paper will be bound in advance folded, good flat, I suggest you can fix with a clip. Then the paper is inserted into the transparent partition of the ruler, and the line of the paper is aligned with the positioning line on the ruler.
2. will open 180 degrees in front of the stapler, by positioning holes on the ruler, the general use of stapler pressure can be bound.
In addition to the unique paper that can be made into a unique booklet, it can also be used to draw straight lines and waves.
Or used as a compass. A circle with a diameter of 1 cm can be drawn.
A, is also a magnifying glass. With a ruler, you really have everything.
MAX brand story
Since its founding, MAX has dedicated itself to producing the world’s highest level of industrial products. To promote the implementation of the peace war industry, renamed Yamada Industrial Corporation, and began production of domestic stapler. So far, MAX is synonymous with stapler, office stationery and its variety.

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